Book Description

From the Back Cover Characterized by long, leafy tendrils, lush florals, and graceful female figures, the curvilinear designs of Art Nouveau are especially well-suited to graphic arts, as revealed in this encyclopedic archive of more than 900 royalty-free, ornamented letters. Selected from authentic turn-of-the-century sources, these ready-to-use initials are rendered in an astonishing array of sizes and styles: entwined in lush thickets of flowers and leafy vines; ensconced in elaborate interlacings; adorned by stylized birds, insects, and animals; amid urban and rural scenes; embellished by heads and figures of men, women, and children, and in many other attention-getting formats. Designers in need of imaginative initials reflecting the style, ambiance, and flair of Art Nouveau will find this splendid treasury indispensable for enhancing advertisements, newsletters, brochures, programs ? almost any graphic project. Read more