Book Description

Review ?[Legrand] uses her book to tell the story of our emotional attachment to garments and deep connection to color and craft.? (Home Design with Kevin Sharkey, . . . writes with enthusiasm about the history of this shade and its evolution.? (Women's Wear Daily)?A sumptuous new book.? (House Beautiful)?Diverse images of people at work convey the enormous range of conditions in which indigo dyeing takes place.? (Surface Design Journal)?A visual feast of 550 images offers textile details, proud locals wearing their garments, and process shots illustrating how the dyeing is done.? (Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot)?This sumptuous book can be appreciated on all levels: a history of the production and trade of dyes and textiles; an anthropology of textile production; and a stunning visual catalog of the international production of cloth colored with the blue dye, indigotin.? (The Art Blog) Read more About the Author Catherine Legrand is the proprietor of an ethnic cloth boutique in Paris's Marais district. Read more