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Review 'Buddy Scalera manages to bring his years of experience as both a writer and an educator to bear once again in what I see as a must have in the library of any serious comic and graphic novel artist.'? - John Wilson -'The images include a number of standard, everyday poses like standing and sitting, but he also gets extremely dynamic shots like a character not just throwing a punch, but taking a punch as well. And flying! How many photo reference books include flying?!'?-Michael Wirth -'This book is special because it's more than just a book of photos. It's an actual tutorial on how to use photo references given by some of the best artists in the business.'? - Lee - Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales'All in all, Colossal Collection of Action Poses is essential. Great use of photos. Great choice of artists, who act as mentors in their detailed descriptions. Successfully done!' - Jeff Haas - Read more From the Back Cover The most complete photo reference collection ever assembled for comic book and fantasy artists!Action-packed with 1,200 poses!Created specifically for comic book and fantasy artists, the Colossal Collection of Action Poses features page after page of energetic, high-quality, artfully composed reference photos. This isn't your average visual aid full of boring, lifeless models in the same staid poses. In this book, you get WHAM! (Karate chop to the head!), WHOOSH! (Leaping out of danger!), ARGH! (I've been shot!). Running, flying, kicking, wielding weapons, it's all here, along with a great selection of casual activities (talking on the phone, getting dressed, drinking) for carrying your storyline forward.1,200 dynamic facial expressions and poses, with an emphasis on actionExtreme angles, perspective and special lighting poses for maximizing dramaMale and female models represent a range of ages and ethnicities16 step-by-step demonstrations show how professional comic artists from DC, Marvel and other top publishers use photo references to create cutting-edge artThis collection brings together all three previously published Comic Artist's Photo Reference books, along with brand new actions and demonstrations. It's powerful inspiration for drawing smokin' scenes and creating authentic characters that leap off the page.By Buddy Scalera Read more See all Editorial Reviews