Book Description

About the Author My name is Kimberly Sue, and I'm a mother of five children. I wrote this book at a time in my life where I no longer felt the blessings all around me. I, too, felt placed in a jar like the butterfly in this book. I then found the most amazing and astonishing person you could ever know, the Lord. He set me free and changed my views on life. I wrote this poem and began to read it to my children. They loved it so much that it became a regular night reading. Now, in their own lives, they understand that there is a God, and if he can help this little butterfly escape the darkness of a jar, he can surely help them too. Writing poems has always been something that I loved to do. Writing a poem and turning it into a book has been a dream and now a reality. My family is just so happy and excited about our favorite poem being published. If it wasn't for God, my Stephen, my kids, and my wonderful mother, I don't know if this poem would have gone as far as just written on paper. Thank you guys, for believing in me. I love you! Read more