Book Description

The focus of this new series is to create a mechanism for you to paint beautiful freehand rose compositions. This 6 step process or mechanism will be shown in several lesson in the book as well as 3 painting lessons. The series will be several books and DVDs all working together to give you more techniques and a visual picture on how to develop your own style of painting artistic roses. Volume 1 is the cornerstone of this series. In volume 1 you will learn a 6 step process for visualizing roses and shown some concepts for developing light, shadows and deep in rose compositions. Volume 1 will focus on color usage, shapes, lost and found edges, arrangement, and gaze of roses. Volume 1 will show you how to establish some basic shapes that also leave the door open for various styles of petal decorations that will be presented in later volumes. Join us for this wonderful journey showing various ways to paint the queen of all flowers, the rose. Brushes This series uses the Paint It Simply Intermediate Brush Kit. Palette This series uses the Paint It Simply Beginner Color Kit and the following colors; Pine Green Burnt Sienna Yellow Oxide Quinacridone Violet Dioxazine Purple