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Review 'What a joy to be in the company of Mother Dolores Hart. She is a compassionate narrator, from her childhood days, darkened by parental alcoholism, to her Hollywood career and her calling as a Catholic nun. Mother Dolores talks candidly about the difficulty of becoming a cloistered, Benedictine nun. The struggle with years of discipline and the rigorous farm work at the Abbey of Regina Laudis. We learn there was something in her deepest heart she sought.' ----Pia Lindstrom, television journalist, daughter of Ingrid Bergman'The Ear of the Heart is a story of courage, sacrifice, dedication, and fulfillment. With grace and good humor in a voice as clear as the mountain spring, Mother Dolores Hart illuminates her lifelong quest for a state of tranquility and the joy of living in the presence of God.The book will lift your heart and mind in admiration. A call to a religious life is filled with mystery and wonder and at long last understanding and acceptance. Mother Dolores Hart shows us with her energy, word, and deed that her journey has led her to a live she could not have lived any other way. The truths she has found for herself resonate like the bells of the morning.' ----James Drury,The Virginian'A beautiful movie star gives up a successful Hollywood career to enter a traditional cloistered monastery. Can't happen? It did. In this heartfelt and moving memoir, Mother Dolores Hart explains how by listening with the 'ear of the heart' she heard God's call and dared to respond. Her journey powerfully demonstrates that we must be willing to lose our lives and forfeit our plans to discover our true purpose. The fascinating story of Dolores Hart also teaches us to be seek God regardless of where we are-in a summer storm, in prayer, or even in front of a camera.' ----Raymond Arroyo, New York Times Bestselling Author, Host of The World Over Live and EWTN News Director Read more