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Review ?A compelling multigenerational history of the family whose enlightened patronage gave the world that timeless art. Rich in incident and character, this engrossing narrative offers impressive portraits of dynastic figures who usher in a new era aflame with individualistic ambition. Lineal history pulsing with epoch-making energy.? (Booklist)?In this absorbing follow-up to his beautiful Death in Florence, Strathern chronicles the legendarily farsighted banking family, offering a cautionary tale. This gratifying and comprehensive family saga sheds light on both the internal workings of a remarkable family and on how a singular family irrevocably influenced Western civilization.? (Publishers Weekly)?The prolific author continues to do what he does best?bring history to wondrous life?with this thorough history of the Medici family. A fantastically comprehensive history covering the breadth of the great learning, art, politics, and religion of the period.? (Kirkus Reviews (starred review))?An excellent history. An entertaining tale of the rise and fall of an ambitious banking family.? (The Sunday Times (London))?What might have been a bewildering string of names, places, and dates is instead a page-turning popular history of an ambitious and influential family. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in history.? (Library Journal)?Strathern has done his research thoroughly, and tells a good story well.? (The Sunday Telegraph) Read more About the Author Paul Strathern is a Somerset Maugham prize-winning novelist, and his nonfiction works include The Venetians; The Artist, the Philosopher and the Warrior; Napoleon in Egypt; and Mendeleyev?s Dream: The Quest for the Elements. He lives in England. Read more