Book Description

From the Inside Flap Former Prussian soldier Herman 'Baron' Lamm (1890-1930) adapted his military training to a much less noble occupation after moving to America, developing a reputation as one of history's most brilliant and efficient bank robbers. Lamm's time fell between Butch Cassidy and John Dillinger's notorious careers, and Lamm never received the attention of the two famous gunslingers. This first full-length biography promotes Lamm from his supporting role, tracing his criminal exploits and his pioneering use of concepts like 'casing' a bank and planning escape routes. Analysis of arrest records finds Lamm's genius as a criminal mastermind much overrated, and a detailed examination of the trial transcript of fellow gang members Walter Detrich and James Clark brings to life Lamm's spectacular downfall. Read more About the Author Walter Mittelstaedt is an independent researcher and writer in Bloomington, Illinois. His work has been published in True West. Read more