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Review ????????????????? The Triangle Exit: It is an insider's gripping view of a social cancer.Ernie Volkman,?Author,?Spies: The Secret Agents Who Changed the Course of History,?Espionage: The Greatest Spy Operations of the Twentieth Century?,?Gangbusters ????????????? Ron Fino is an American hero. As the son of Joseph Fino, the former interim boss of the Buffalo mob, he was once viewed as Mafia royalty, an heir apparent to the throne. His vividly-written new book tells a remarkable story about an amazing and courageous man who turned away from the dark side and became a good guy--widely admired, respected, and trusted by the law-enforcement and intelligence communities, as well as by those of us in the world of investigative journalism who cover the underworld and its activities.Dan E. Moldea,?Author,?The Hoffa WarsAn amazing brave man who sacrificed his way of life to fight for the little guy and gal and his Country.Eugene Methvin,??Readers Digest, EditorRonald Fino led a double life; A dangerous tightrope act; of the duplicity, agility and nerve such a performance demands, and of its aftermath of bitterness and fear.Stanley Penn,?Wall Street?Journal, Pulitzer Prize WinnerRonald Fino's life is like something out of a Robert Ludlum thriller. You have to keep reminding yourself that this is totally real, which makes it all the more fascinating.Peter Edwards,Toronto?Star, ?Author 'Unrepentant: the Strange and (sometimes) Terrible Life of Lorne Campbell, Satan's Choice and Hells Angels Biker.' --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Read more From the Author The fascination with this cold-blooded brotherhood that is embedded in their very being is mostly the result of Hollywood's glamorization of the Mafia and organized crime. I have heard; 'well, they do not cause me any problems' or 'the FBI is out to get them even if it means framing them.' Some naively go as far as saying; 'If they criminals why haven't they been convicted and put in jail?This is most unfortunate because they do hurt each and every one of us in North America and many other countries around the world. Does anyone really think that their activities are limited to gambling and labor racketeering? Take only a few moments and if you ponder over the things that hurt you and your family such as: contaminated soil, the air you breath, the taxes you pay, the politicians you elect, the high price of food, child pornography, illicit drugs that are sold near our children's schools, tainted court proceedings, some news and media journalists, women slavery, telephone scams, embezzlement, stock and securities fraud, counterfeiting, organ trafficking, money laundering, illegal arms trade, economic espionage and on and on. You name it and they are involved. Now sit back and think that these bottomless barbaric practices are OK. This is what is happening each and every day and these illegalities cost the tax payer billions of dollars not to mention the bodily damage it has on many of us. --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Read more See all Editorial Reviews