Book Description

From the Back Cover Learn to: Grasp the concepts and fundamentals of forensic accounting Understand how financial fraud occurs and what to do if you suspect it in your own organization Pursue a career in this growing field A practical, hands-on guide to forensic accounting Forensic accountants investigate economic crimes, perform risk assessments, assist in all kinds of civil litigation, and provide expert testimony. If you're pursuing a career in this exciting field or just want to understand how to detect and deal with financial fraud, this hands-on, friendly guide gives you plain-English explanations of the concepts and methods of forensic accounting. Forensic accounting 101 ? get the scoop on who seeks out the services of a forensic accountant and the many types of services you'd be expected to provide Who's cooking the books? ? discover the types of fraud that take place within a business, from financial statement fraud to inventory fraud Can't always bank on friendship ? find out how forensic accountants help victims of fraud perpetuated by friends, family members, neighbors, and business partners Put on your investigator's hat ? detect the perpetrators of fraud and their methods by using the latest technology and investigative tools Open the book and find: The most common fraud schemes Frauds committed against businesses and individuals How to spot and uncover financial statement fraud Tips for identifying altered revenue statements A detailed look at the litigation process Ways to identify electronic scams Stories of real fraud cases, some nearly unbelievable Job opportunities with the IRS and FBI Read more About the Author Frimette Kass-Shraibman is Associate Professor of Accounting at Brooklyn College ? CUNY. Vijay S. Sampath is Managing Director in the Forensic and Litigation Consulting business segment of FTI Consulting, Inc. Read more