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Review How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Personal Chef Business is a clear, concise book that provides some very essential information for anyone looking to start their own chef business. Offering perfectly-outlined steps and procedures, this book will take you from building up your client base all the way to financial planning and success in the personal chef business. Based on my accumulated experiences from 13 years of culinary service, I view this book as a must. --Chef Justin Basta Personal Chef and Owner of Couture Party Foods Read more About the Author Carla and Lee Rowley are professional writers who have more than a decade of experience in the personal insurance industry. Carla has spent years with a national multiline insurance company, working to ensure that policyholders obtain the appropriate coverages at the best prices for both commercial and personal lines. Lee has spent years building the regulatory compliance division of a growing personal lines insurance company, working with state regulators on key issues affecting the insurance-buying public.' Read more