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Review 'This is an essential addition to my reference books on the procedural aspects of international trade. It provides a comprehensive framework for the beginner, while covering technical specifics that can assist the practitioner. Key considerations are presented and summarized, with case studies that move the reader well beyond the surface level of detail across key elements of import and export trade. A must read!' - Dr. Ralph F. Jagodka, Mt. San Antonio College, USA 'This new edition of Export-Import Theory expands upon the already valuable earlier ones, with updated material that keeps pace with the rapidly-changing scene. It?s not just a cookbook of international trade jargon, but an informed discussion of the ins and outs of international trade. Dr. Seyoum makes important topics such as terms of trade and financing clear and interesting. He does not gloss over the complexities of international trade, and presents enough detail for students to really see the operational issues and choices clearly, but without the usual overly-wordy explanations. He allows the reader to understand the issues, rather than just the mechanics, and provides the documentation for interested readers to go farther. I especially like the cases, and the detailed treatment of Incoterms. This edition improves upon what?s already the best academic textbook available on exporting and importing.' ? Bruce Hartman, PhD, University of St. Francis, USA 'Professor Seyoum continues to offer significant contributions to the field of international trade with this latest edition of Export-Import Theory. The book has been thoroughly updated, and includes interesting and useful summaries, review questions and short, helpful end-of-chapter cases. Over the years, my students at both graduate and undergraduate levels have enjoyed the textbook just as much as I have. This reference is a must-have for anybody who wants to understand or plans to enter the export-import field.' - Ghiyath Nakshbendi, PhD, American University, USA Read more About the Author Belay Seyoum is Professor of International Business Studies at Nova Southeastern University, USA.?He has published two books, as well as numerous articles in the area of international trade in several prestigious academic journals, such as the International Business Review, Journal of World Trade, the International Trade Journal, the Journal of World Business, and the Journal of Global Business. Read more