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Review 'Dave Richards has very successfully guided many important and complex innovation projects during his professional career. In this book, he conveys a lifetime of important innovation management insights to fellow practitioners.' Eric von Hippel, Professor of Innovation Management, MIT Sloan School of Management 'Dave Richards brings a unique perspective to the ongoing saga of human enterprise. In our competitive world of innovate, adapt, or die, falling one step behind is too often the kiss of death. When mediocrity creeps into the gestalt of an organization, the chance for success becomes bleak. Dave's insights and focus on the 'seven sins' provides an astute framework for action.' John Tyson, former Vice President, Design, Discovery & Imagination, Nortel Networks 'So often books on innovation and entrepreneurship lack any practical value. This is not the case here. Dave has captured the key issues of structure, communication, marketing and sales strategies and deals with them in a clear and practical manner. The elephant in the room has been identified and safely corralled. This is a must read book for entrepreneurs starting out and those already some of the way down the road.' Ian Watson, co-founder and joint CEO, Imprimatur Capital 'I was excited to learn that my friend and former co-worker Dr. Dave Richards has written a book that brings together in one place his thinking on innovation. Dave has spent years studying how entrepreneurial organizations approach innovation. Along the way he has helped many of them move from failure to success by following his focused leadership and advice. Now, with this book, his strategic model is presented and accessible to all kinds of organizations and their leadership teams. Large, established corporations will learn strategies to turn around floundering organizations while small, emerging entrepreneurial teams will see how to avoid mistakes as they develop their corporate culture. Dave's genius has always been his ability to leverage the power of relationships to achieve bottom line results. The Seven Sins of Innovation now makes his insight and guidance available to everyone.' -Jimi Ballard, former Vice President, Oracle Corporation 'Having been involved in private equity for many years and as a serial investor in SMEs I am always interested in the latest thinking about innovation. Dave brings a uniquely psychological approach to strategy, and to the challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship.' Mark Whittaker, Venture Capital and Private Equity Partner 'It takes one to know one. So, no one better than Dave Richards to write about entrepreneurs, as he has been one in business, technology, education, social and civic sectors. He has led and created innovation in various countries, and globally via a lifetime of rich experiences. His book will hopefully inspire and guide a new generation of change agents that our world seriously needs.' William Reese, CEO, International Youth Foundation 'Innovation? Not products, but relationships. Not processes, but strategy. A wholly innovative approach to innovation, from the sharpest mind in the business. Increasing value of all kinds within well run businesses is almost impossible, until you read this.' David Jarvis, Managing Director, ebm-papst UK 'Whatever sector you work in, if you're not innovating you're going backwards. Innovation is not the same as inspiration: it's doesn't just happen and shouldn't be left to chance. Dr Dave will help you to make it happen.' Martin Edwards, CEO, Julia's House, an award-winning charity 'I have known Dave Richards over twenty years. I have observed close-hand his outstanding command of the material. Both theoretical material and more importantly the practicalities of innovation. His new book shows the power of his perspective, brilliantly. The Seven Sins of Innovation elevates the thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level. It sets Dave's book alongside the best writing on innovation anywhere.' -Roger H.D. Lacey, former Chief Strategy Officer, 3M Read more About the Author Dr Dave Richards is a globally recognized thought and practice leader on the intersection of 'hard stuff' like strategy, innovation and leadership, and 'soft stuff', like people, psychology, culture, communication and engagement. An experienced and highly successful serial entrepreneur, innovator and master strategist, he is an honorary visiting Fellow with the Faculty of Management, Cass Business School, City University, London - cofounder and honorary lifetime member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Innovation Lab - Fellow of the Institute of Directors - Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures & Commerce - Director with the West Hants Club and Dr Dave Innovation Ltd - Partner of the FutureWork Forum - inspirational speaker, author, and adviser to various business and government leaders. Read more