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From the Author This book is exactly the book that I wish I could have found when I decided to pursue my photography passion as more than a great hobby and turn it into a profitable business.? Business and photography have both been in my blood as far back as I can remember. One of the very first memories that I can recall was when I was still crawling on the floor as a toddler.? I crawled across the living room floor of my home and went directly for my father's brown leather camera bag.? It was filled with all kinds of objects that fascinated me.? I especially remember holding up the different colored lens filters and looking through them towards the window.? It was a new world that I couldn't wait to enter into.? ? I also figured out early that money is what helped us get 'things' that we wanted.? Shortly after the time I was 5 years old I learned that I could walk up and down our small country street with a push broom and people would actually give me money to sweep their driveways!? Also, selling small cleaned rocks door-to-door seemed like a nice way to get some extra change for candy. I hope this book will help you on your own journey into business and photography. My wish is that it will give you a good baseline to start from and answer many questions for you that haven't even become an issue yet.? Sharing this journey via this book is yet but another dream fulfilled and I thank God and my family for this. Read more From the Inside Flap Home Based Photography By Dean W Titus III M.B.A. Edited By Sara Jane Titus ? ? How to start your own successful business! Read more See all Editorial Reviews