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Review 'Fast and simple . . . all action, right to the end.' -- Library Media Connection'Full-color, realistic illustrations, dramatic points of view and stylish layouts make these old stories visually fresh and accessible to modern audiences.' -- BayViews Read more From the Publisher Graphic Myths and Legends The Graphic Myths and Legends series brings to life some of the most enduring tales from a variety of cultures. Action-packed and richly illustrated, the age-old stories will engage readers in new ways. Graphic Myths and Legends Titles Amaterasu: Return of the Sun Atalanta: The Race Against Destiny Demeter & Persephone: Spring Held Hostage Hercules: The Twelve Labors Isis & Osiris: To the Ends of the Earth Jason: Quest for the Golden Fleece King Arthur: Excalibur Unsheathed Robin Hood: Outlaw of Sherwood Forest Thor & Loki: In the Land of Giants The Trojan Horse: The Fall of Troy Yu the Great: Conquering the Flood Read more See all Editorial Reviews