Book Description

From Booklist Billy, a jaunty goat, pooh-poohs danger and sets out in a boat from his tiny village in search of treasure on Paradise Island. Along the way, brave Billy encounters three islands?one filled with gold, guarded by a Cyclops; the second covered in silver, guarded by a hydra; and the third full of bronze, guarded by a giant minotaur. Upon discovering each island, Billy exclaims, ?This is garbage. I want treasure!? and handily evades each monster with a witty one-liner and a wink to the reader. But if not precious metals, what, exactly, is on Paradise Island? A landfill, of course, full of enough food (goats eat trash, after all) to feed his whole village. Bradley?s big, bubbly cartoon art suits the silly adventure story, which, though slight, serves as a convenient way to introduce common comic-book elements, like speech balloons and motion lines, all of which are explained in a glossary. But the real appeal for novice comic-book readers is the goofy tale of heroic derring-do. Grades K-2. --Sarah Hunter --This text refers to the Library Binding edition. Read more About the Author New York Times bestselling author John Sazaklis enjoys writing children's books about his favorite characters. He has also illustrated Spider-Man books and created toys used in MAD Magazine. To him, it's a dream come true! John lives with his beautiful wife in New York City.Jess Bradley is an illustrator living and working in Bristol, England. She likes playing video games, painting, and watching bad films. Jess can also be heard to make a high-pitched squeeeee when excited, usually while watching videos clips of otters or getting new comics in the mail. Read more