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From School Library Journal Gr 4?8?When his wife dies, Orpheus, a musician who can enthrall anyone and anything, enters the Underworld to ask for her return. He succeeds, only to be defeated by his own doubt. Orpheus's tale is a tragic one, and although the author does not censor it, instead leaving it open for discussion, he does select his words carefully. The story covers Orpheus's lifespan but omits his time with the Argonauts, providing only elements relevant to the Underworld portion of his tale. Only one pertinent detail is missing: the Maenad, female followers of Dionysus, killed Orpheus?not random women. Additional notes and resources are in the back; however, there are minor errors, such as calling Zeus's father by his Roman name, Saturn, when the Greek name Cronos is used elsewhere. This is a simplified graphic novel with at most a few scenes per page, short dialogue bubbles, and some sound effects to supplement the narrated text. Those new to the format will have no problems navigating it. Soft lines and misty colors create an atmosphere of lore. Back matter includes playing card-style boxes features additional information about some of the main characters; an illustrated index organizes all characters by name and includes brief biographies of each. VERDICT A useful text to include in a lesson.?Rachel Forbes, Oakville Public Library, Ontario, Canada Read more Review 'This version of the myth should find a natural home in bedrooms and classrooms alike, as it makes the story eminently accessible?and engaging.' - Jamie Greene for Geek Dad'A quasi-comic-book form that mingles fine-edged yet expansive drawings, speech bubbles and short paragraphs?he packs a gratifying amount of detail into his rendition of this heartbreaking story.' - The Wall Street Journal'A highly accessible retelling with broad appeal.' - Booklist'This book would be a helpful addition to any curriculum that includes an examination of Greek mythology.' - Kids Reads Read more See all Editorial Reviews