Book Description

From the Back Cover Lup Dup, Lup Dup, Lup Dup. Just what makes that mysterious noise in your chest day and night, night and day? And how does the heart actually work, anyway? This bright and colorful picturebook on the heart and how blood flows through your body is based on a real question-and-answer session between world-renowned cardiologist Dr. J. Willis Hurst and his inquisitive young grandson. Every answer in the book is 'kid-certified'--Dr. Hurst made sure his grandson understood each explanation before he put it in the book. The result is a fun exploration of a mysterious aspect of our bodies that will fascinate readers of every age...from 8 to 80. Read more About the Author J. Willis Hurst, M.D., is the author of McGraw-Hill's classic medical textbook, The Heart, a best seller which has been translated into five foreign languages. Former professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, Dr. Hurst was president of the American Heart Association in 1972. Stuart Hurst, his inquisitive grandson, was 10-years-old when this book was started. Read more