Book Description

From Booklist Like other books in the Science Q&A series, Ecosystems poses and answers a new question on nearly every double-page spread. Besides the obvious opener (?What is an ecosystem??), the 20 questions here include: ?What is a food chain?? and ?What is a keystone species???Each spread generally includes two or three illustrations, along with several paragraphs of text. The many clear, colorful photos show up well on the glossy pages, and small sidebars lead readers to Internet sites on topics such as biomes and rainforests. The concluding pages offer a glossary, fast facts, and information about two ?eco-careers,? as well as a project simulating the effects of acid rain on plants and a survey designed to encourage readers to ponder their homes? effect on the larger ecosystem. Brightly colored borders, well-chosen photos, and a smoothly written text make this an attractive choice for classroom units on the environment. Grades 4-7. --Carolyn Phelan Read more