Book Description

What would you do if your siblings totaled 1,052?! With so many brothers and sisters, it’s no wonder that the bunnies are running out of things for everyone to do! Some chase tortoises, others rub their feet for good luck; one beats on a pink drum all the time, and another is best friends with a goofy duck. But the activities list is running out, and with more siblings on the way, the family needs to find habits to keep these bunnies busy! BUT new habits are hard to find! One day, sibling #1,053 decides the time has come to go out and to see what habits the world has to offer so he can (hopefully) bring some new habits home to his family...but he only has 40 days to do it! Our little bunny’s adventure spans the four corners of the globe, but his journey becomes much more meaningful once he realizes his purpose in life may not be simply bringing new habits back to his den but, instead, may be something much larger than he ever imagined. A clever, creative, and humorous take on a familiar bunny we know and love (including his never-before-heard true backstory), Rabbit with a Habit, encourages children to try new activities that will benefit themselves and to share those positive habits with others...and that’s a treat for any season.