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Review The questions for practical application, relaxed writing style, and in-depth study make this book excellent. (Christianity Today 2004-06-03)[VanderVelde] does not take liberty with what the Scriptures record, but she does supplement the biblical record with the customs and lifestyles of the times in which each woman lived. . . . An ideal book for womens Bible study groups or personal study. (Baptist Bulletin 2004-06-03)An excellent book of biblical character studies. VanderVelde has researched her subjects thoroughly and written delightfully. (Biblical Evangelist 2004-06-03)The author is a gifted writer and has a keen appreciation of womens problems. . . . She unfolds the beauty and riches found in the Bible and will bless many. (Southern Presbyterian Journal 2004-06-03) --1(Southern Presbyterian Journal 2004-06-03) Read more About the Author Frances Vander Velde developed Women of the Bible as a series of Bible studies for young women published in a magazine format. She was the president of the Womens Missionary Union and raised eight children to adulthood with her husband, Morris. Read more