Book Description

God has led me to explore a series of topics associated with the growth, maturity, and effectiveness of todays church - the Body of Christ. God has exposed the intent and tactics of the enemy - Satan - to infiltrate the identity of the believers. In an effort to find and educate the non-believers as well as seasoned saints, this book addresses cycles of development to support individuals in their walk with Christ. You will find this book to be challenging and strengthening to the Body of Christ and its members. I am encouraged to prepare the people of God for engagements with the enemy. As we grow in righteousness, we must be vigilant in seeking our true identity and in exercising dominion as established in the Word of God. We will also apply the Word of God against every attack of the enemy. This will allow us to maintain our true identities according to Gods purpose and spread the love of God throughout the world to reach His chosen people. - R. M. Bennett