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Review On the basis of wise experience and anecdotal accounts from their research, Hester and Walker-Jones weave a new pattern of pastoral leadership. Given the inadequacy of any top-down leadership, they model and exposit a relational way of leadership based on acute self-awareness, whereby pastor and people together walk into the unknown with freedom and intentionality. Their study reflects not only an awareness of old failed patterns, but a recognition that newness is dawning in the church that bespeaks healing, engagement, and the generativity of trusting collegiality. --Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Columbia Theological SeminaryKnow Your Story and Lead with It brings alive the power of personal narrative in shaping ministry. Many clergy, in an effort to live up to the multiple and conflicting expectations of their congregation, lose themselves in stories that others have created. Kelli Walker-Jones and Richard Hester beautifully describe how clergy can re-write their own narratives and in the process reclaim authentic and effective leadership. --John A. Fenner, Program Director, Courage to Lead for Clergy and Congregational LeadersGods story is woven with divine care in our stories. The wisdom in this book will help you mine your story and lead with it. Gather wisdom from the cutting floor of your memory. Explore the spaces between memory and the telling of it. Celebrate what you discover. Nurture your community into the rich life of curiosity and not-yet-knowing. --Hope Morgan Ward, Resident Bishop, Mississippi Conference, The United Methodist Church Read more About the Author Richard L. Hester is co-director of the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Project at Triangle Pastoral Counseling in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has previously served as a pastor and as a professor of pastoral theology in two theological schools. Kelli Walker-Jones, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, is co-director of the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence project on which this book is based. She has also served as minister to several congregations and as associate director of field education and admissions at Duke University Divinity School. Read more