Book Description

From the Back Cover As the dim lights of the train station faded, Christine Bennett wondered if she would ever see home again. With the death of her grandfather, her only living relative, Christine experienced a deep loneliness she?d never felt before. The words of his will rang in her ears: In the event of my granddaughter?s death, everything will go to Vince Jeffers. During the reading of the will, Jeffers had watched her with an evil, self-satisfied look that made her shiver. Now, afraid of what might happen, she was obeying a note she had received saying she was in danger and must leave town immediately. After escaping to the small community of Baxter, Christine begins to piece together a new life. The love she finds there, along with newfound faith, sustains her as she faces the threat of danger. From the bestselling author of Sophie?s Heart and Every Storm. Read more About the Author Lori Wick is a multifaceted author of Christian fiction. As comfortable writing period stories as she is penning contemporary works, Loris books (more than6 million in print) vary widely in location and time period. Loris faithful fans consistently put her series and standalone works on the bestseller lists. Lori and her husband, Bob, live with their swiftly growing family in the Midwest. Read more