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Review I take seriously the fact that I am to monitor what I put in my mind and my heart. Just another reason to recommend this book. It is obviously written from the perspective of a Christian. Faith, forgiveness, hope and prayer are main characters in this story. With writers like Carrie Daws on the horizon I am confident that there will be plenty of options that will encourage and uplift for years to come. -Shannon, CWA Review Crew...liked being able to get caught up in a beautiful story of faith, family, and friends. -Heather, CWA Review Crew Read more About the Author Over the years, God rewrote Carrie s dreams to include being a stay-at-home mom and a writer. Originally writing weekly devotions as a way to share what she learned with women from various military bases, Carrie decided to enroll in the Christian Writer s Guild. While there, seeds were planted and cultivated. After almost ten years in the military, Carrie s husband medically retired and they now live in central North Carolina with their three children. Besides writing fiction novels, she stays busy with homeschooling, working part time, and volunteering within two military ministries. Read more