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From the Back Cover This collection of sermons represents Boersmas mature theology. I highly recommend it to all pastors and laity. It is a treasure.--Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity SchoolBoersmas performed exegesis in fourteen sermons allows us to think through the challenges of interpretation by way of hands-on immersion. This book will be warmly received by theology students and pastors who want to transcend the inherent limitations of academic biblical studies.--R.?R. Reno,?First ThingsThis is a remarkable recovery of pre-modern preaching for a truncated, post-modern world. With all the subtle skills of a patristic scholar, Boersma reunites us to the communion of the saints by the fourfold reading of Scripture. This is not a collection of sermons but a challenge to inspire deeper historical perspectives in pastoral preaching in an ahistorical culture.--James M. Houston, Regent College, VancouverFinally, contemporary preaching that honors the churchs Scriptures in their Christ-filled breadth and power! Boersmas immersion in patristic faith and Bible reading, joined with his own living encounter with Christ in the Scriptures, has produced sermons that demonstrate the utter relevance of the church fathers interpretation of the Scriptures. Neither antiquarian nor trendy, they direct and embody the listeners ascent through the sacramental text of Scripture to the person of the heavenly Christ.?It is a beautiful and necessary journey for Christian disciples, preachers, and hermeneutical specialists to take.--Ephraim Radner, Wycliffe College, University of TorontoBoersma bridges from the church fathers to modern churchgoers with?a sure hand and a well-lit vision.?The fathers have something to teach us about sermons as means of grace, and Boersma delivers their goods with great homiletical skill and wisdom.--Cornelius Plantinga?Jr., Calvin Theological Seminary; author of Reading for PreachingIn this book of powerfully engaging sermons, Boersma demonstrates how we can preach Jesus from any and every text of the Bible. After reading these pages, you, like me, will know the joy of finding and proclaiming the more that comes from the early churchs sacramental understanding of all reality; that Christ is everywhere presented, and most especially in the text we read and preach on the Lords Day.--Darrell Johnson, Regent College; Centre for Preaching, Carey Theological College Read more About the Author Hans Boersma (PhD, University of Utrecht), a leading theologian and an experienced preacher, is J.?I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the author of numerous books, including Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross and Heavenly Participation. Read more