Book Description

Written by JEFF CHRISTANSEN, STUART VANDAL, SEAN MCQUAID, MICHAEL HOSKIN, MIKE O'SULLIVAN, ROB LONDON, KEVIN GARCIA, MADISON CARTER, MARKUS RAYMOND, RONALD BYRD, CHRIS BIGGS, GABRIEL SHECHTER, ERIC J. MOREELS, JACOB ROUGEMONT & MIKE GAGNONSelect Character Artwork by GUS VAZQUEZCover by KALMAN ANDRASOFSZKYThe most comprehensive guide to the Marvel Universe marches on in 2010! This 64-page handbook features the first handbook of ALL-NEW PROFILES since 2007, and spans the width and depth of the Marvel U: New characters! Never-before profiled characters! Golden Age! Cosmic! Teams! Mutants! Westerns! Dimensions! And because you demanded it: EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL ART for dozens of profiles! This issue contains everything you need to know about Blue Marvel (Brashear), Cyttorak, Gladiator (Kallark), Googam, K'un-Lun, Midgard Serpent, Nimrod, Percy Pinkerton, Rockman, She-Hulk (Lyra), Western era Tarantula (Riley), Veranke, Xemnu, the Young Gods and dozens more! Read more