Book Description

Lynn Johnston, "America's favorite cartoonist," brings her particular talent and hilarious insights to parents' No. 1 domestic problem-having a teenager! For many years, the Patterson family-John, Elly, Michael, Elizabeth, and dog Farley-has delighted readers. Now, every parent (and every teenager) will identify with the chaos that adolescent Michael's hormone attacks are bringing to the Patterson household in this collection, If This is a Lecture, How Long Will It Be? Michael sums up the teen years this way: "My voice cracks a lot, and I get sort of, you know, depressed. My knees ache, I'm always hungry, and my skin is starting to look like someone with cleats ran over it. An' all the time, our parents keep saying, "Enjoy being a teenager-these are the best years of your life." Amid discoveries of gray hair and more wrinkles, Elly laments that "every house should come with a recovery room for parents with teenagers." Once again, Johnston captures the humor and warmth in everyday situations in a way that gets us smiling and appreciating that we're all in it together-For Better or For Worse.