Book Description

From the Inside Flap Do you think becoming a doctor is funny? Yes, me too. Medical school? Hilarious. Residency? Hilarious. Doctors? Really hilarious. And have you ever wished somebody would take all that funny and draw a bunch of cartoons about it and then make it available in book form?? Well, you're in luck.? A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor is a collection of 145 pages of cartoons about doctors, medicine, and the whole grueling (but funny) training process?that will keep you laughing from the first page to the last.? Five reasons why you should buy A Cartoon Guide:1) Great present for your nephew who just graduated from med school, and he already has a stethoscope, so you can't buy him that.2) Can be placed strategically on coffee table prior to hot date with cute doctor who lives next door.3) Excellent toilet bowl reading.4) Book comes highly recommended by:--Dr. McFizz's husband--Dr. McFizz's mom--Actually, Dr. McFizz's entire extended family5) Can give as present to homeless man on your block who is building fort out of books. Read more