Book Description

Housepets! Hope They Don't Get Eaten collects the second year of the award-winning webcomic! Thrill as the things that happened before happen again, only this time with more stuff! Meet the Milton Ferrets, the richest and cutest little hedonists the world has imparted too much money to, and meet King, everyone's favorite Corgi, holding twenty gallons of angst in a ten-gallon angst receptacle. Here are some more quotes from satisfied customers! "It's a book!" --Lana Milton "Enlightening, monumentally profound . . . quite possibly the best collection of writings to grace this earth since Cicero. Because my kids are actually interested in it." --Miles the Wolf "What th--is this ME? This is . . . this is showing everything! What kind of sick joke is this?!" --King This book also contains the short story All the King's Men, finally completed after all this time! you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.