Book Description

From Booklist This series to which this book belongs rounds up the arguably greatest adventure comic strip of them all. Terry and the Pirates follows the exploits of young Terry Lee and his soldier-of-fortune companion, Pat Ryan, in the Far East. These 1937?38 panels are from two years into the strip?s run. The feature?s exotic locales and colorful supporting cast?including heiress Normandie Drake, with whom Pat would share a heartbreakingly tragic romance; the Harlowesque, shady lady-with-a-past known only as Burma; and the stereotypical but unforgettable femme fatale, the Dragon Lady?are all established. Caniff?s drawing style has shed most of its initial cartooniness and taken on the economic realism and cinematic verve that would distinguish his work for the next five decades. The oblong dimensions of the book showcase the black-and-white daily strips well, but the full-color Sunday installments, meant to fill a broadsheet page, suffer from the reduction here. Quibbles aside, it?s gratifying to have one of the comics medium?s indisputable masterworks available again (a series from the 1980s and 1990s is long out of print). --Gordon Flagg Read more