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From Booklist Considered the father of Japanese comics, Tezuka is best known in America for the robot cartoon character Astro Boy. His other works are gradually seeing Western light, however, the latest being this ambitious, eight-volume account of the life of Buddha, originally published in the 1970s. In the third volume (following Kapilavastu [tr. 2003] and The Four Encounters [tr. 2003]), young Prince Siddhartha abandons his kingdom and undergoes hardships on the road, accompanied by warrior-turned-monk Dhepa, who puts him through painful ordeals as he begins the search for enlightenment; and the pair meet the peculiar child Assaji, later one of Buddha's first disciples. Tezuka seamlessly combines characters from Buddhist lore with original creations, making moral points with skill and humor. His juxtaposition of broad comedy and often-violent drama, not to mention other manga conventions, may at first put off readers used to comics being either serious or funny, but his storytelling and accessible cartooning should win over most. Tezuka's masterwork is an enlightening demonstration of the limitless potential of the comics medium. Gordon FlaggCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Read more Review 'A relentless page-turner boasting a cast of hundreds, Buddha: Volume 3: Devadatta concerns Siddhartha's earliest ordeals after he forswears his kingdom to lead a life of ascetic purity...Siddhartha's comtemplative life becomes a swashbuckling adventure.' - Newsday'Infused with humor and history, the epic of Siddhartha is perhaps Osamu Tezuka's crowning acheivement and illustrates why, without irony, Tezuka is referred to as 'The King of Japanese Comics'.' - LA Weekly'Buddha is one of Tezuka's true masterpieces. We're lucky to have this excellent new edition in English.' - Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics'In handsome volumes designed by Chip Kidd, the Vertical books present Tezuka at his best.' - National Post'Buddha is an engrossing tale. The armchair philosopher, the devout Buddhist, the casual manga fan - this book satisfies all with its tale of humanism through sequential art, and definitely earns its place on a bibliophile's bookshelf.' -Anime Insider'This is one of the greatest acheivements of the comics medium, a masterpiece by one of the greats.''In Tezuka's world, the exquisite collapses into the goofy in a New York minute, the goofy into the melodramatic, the melodramatic into the brutal, and the brutal into the sincerely touching. The suprising result is a work wholly unique and downright fun.' -Time Out NY'Tezuka's Buddha is a striking and memorable confluence of ancient wisdom and contemporary popular art.' -Yoga Journal Read more See all Editorial Reviews