Book Description

Review So you have drawn your manga characters and given them expressive faces, or opted for some impressive mecha machines. What are they going to be wearing? And how about weapons and transportation? These are books five and six from this useful and delightfully portable pocket-sized guide to drawing manga. Small but perfectly formed, I can imagine packing them on a suitcase to while away time on vacation and in all sorts of other situations where size matters (or lack of it). As with the other books, they start out by telling you what you need to obtain for both traditional and computer artwork, and then how to draw different fabrics and the sort of basic garment types you will draw a lot. This is followed by various mini-lessons on different garments, from contemporary to fantasy, traditional oriental and more and finished with more mini-lessons on accessories. Each mini-lesson is in keeping with the pocket format, as it is quick and relatively simple to draw each stage and color in, this being both a fun way of learning to draw manga style and a pleasant way to pass the time when away from home, perhaps, with your book and a few drawing materials. The book on weapons and vehicles follows the same pattern, explained at the beginning of the book, only this time, the mini-lessons are for drawing both traditional and modern examples (plenty of oriental ones) as well as SF and fantasy types. I find these useful, portable and they teach the manga style faster than many full-sized books. Add to the keeper shelf - are there any more? Read more About the Author Yishan Li is a professional manga artist whose artwork has been published internationally. She is the author of the books in the Mini Manga series, including 'Faces & Hair,' 'Hands & Feet,' 'Manga Tips,' and 'Mecha Manga.' Read more