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From Booklist Erstwhile magazine gag cartoonist Ketcham used masterful composition, line variation, and solid black areas to make the single-panel Dennis the Menace the most visually arresting spot on the comics page. While the Peanuts inhabited their own stylized world into which adults seldom intruded, Dennis was set firmly in suburban family territory. Although the strip's Eisenhower-era elements--drive-in carhops, cowboys and Indians, and uniformed soda jerks--figure prominently in these 1953--54 panels, vintage Dennis seems nearly as timeless as the exploits of Charlie Brown and company. Bedtime stories, avoiding baths, and refusing to eat vegetables are as perennial as unself-conscious five-year-old mischievousness. Gordon FlaggCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more Review I love Hank Ketcham's art. Sure, his gag panels are funny, and parents will recognize their own kids in Dennis' antics, but it s Ketcham's line work, spotting, composition, selection of details, and character expression that make him one of the greats. --Mark Frauenfelder' Read more See all Editorial Reviews