Book Description

From the Back Cover Here's the Only Book that Bridges The Fields of Biology and Electronics to Help You Build Biosensors and Neural Networks. Here is the first introduction to the fast-growing field of bioelectronics-the comparative study of phenomena and mechanisms in biology and electronics. This unique handbook deals with the design of neural networks and biosensors, explaining the analogies and differences between microelectronic technologies and natural systems as it covers everything from basic bioelectronic concepts, to the development of neural chips, to the building of biosensors and neural networks. Speaking to engineers, biologists, and biophysics in a common language, the Bioelectronics Handbook: Focuses on the metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET)-the 'heart' of biodevices; Describes the materials, construction, and operation of hybrid bioelectronic devices; Presents models and simulations of electronic devices and neurons; Explores the fields of biosensors, neural networks, and other microelectronic technologies. In contricuting to the cross-fertilization of biological and micro=electronic knowledge in its own practical way, the bioelectronics Handbook will accelerate the growth of more sophisticated microelectronic technolgies. Read more