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Review 'This book discusses various efforts to identify, collect, analyze, improve, and present metrics that can be used to measure usability?It is well made. It is also fun to read. I recommend it to managers interested in or in charge of user experience design for their products.', January?2014 '?the source of the data in this book is focused more on the data that you collect while performing user research, but the bottom line is that it will help you improve your data analysis skills?this is a great reference book when you feel stuck with a set of user research data, but cannot figure out how to derive value from it.' --Actual Insights blog, October 2013 'This is a how-to guide not a theoretical treatise, they say, providing practical advice about what metrics to collect in what situations, how to collect them, how to make sense of the data using various analysis techniques, and how to present the results in the clearest and most compelling way.' --Reference & Research Book News, October 2013 'This book is a great resource about the many ways to gather usability metrics without busting your budget. If you're ready to take your company?s user experience process to the next maturity level, Tullis and Albert are here for you and share generously of their vast experience. Highly recommended.' --Jakob Nielsen, Principal of Nielsen Norman Group, author of Usability Engineering and Mobile Usability 'A great second edition, with updated content based on new research and completely new case studies. ?If you work in the field of user experience, you should buy this book, read it, and use it.' --James R. (Jim) Lewis, Ph.D., CHFP, Senior Human Factors Engineer, IBM Software Group 'This book is amazing. It's?everything?you need to know about measuring the user experience. ?If you are a user experience professional you?must?read it. Not skim -- read.??It's?well written, and very thorough. I'll be keeping it?close at hand as my 'go-to' book.' --Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., Founder of the Weinschenk Institute Read more From the Back Cover Effectively measuring the usability and user experience of any product requires choosing the right metric, applying it, and using the information it reveals. This completely new and updated edition of Measuring the User Experience provides a single source of practical information to enable user experience professionals and product developers to do just that. Authors Tullis and Albert organize dozens of metrics into five categories: performance, issues-based, self-reported, derived, and behavioral/physiological. You?ll explore each metric and learn the best methods for collecting, analyzing, and presenting the data. You?ll find step-by-step guidance for measuring the user experience of any type of product using any type of technology.? New to this edition, you?ll find such topics as measuring emotional engagement, personas, and the Net Promoter Score. The book also contains new research and updated examples, including tips on writing online survey questions, six new case studies, and much more! Read more See all Editorial Reviews