Book Description

Review From the reviews: 'The textbook contains the prerequisites as well as a number of research results which are relevant in this field and is directed to audio engineers with academic level. ? The book is a state-of-the-art source in immersive audio, basing partially on former research papers of the authors.' (Rudiger Hoffmann, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1106 (8), 2007) Read more From the Back Cover This text introduces graduate students and researchers to the basics of digital signal processing relevant to audio/acoustics and psychoacoustics and a variety of topics and latest results in immersive audio processing research.Kay features: Covers relevant background material adequately Topics include immersive audio synthesis and rendering, multichannel room equalization, audio selective signal cancellation, signal processing for audio applications, surround sound processing, psychoacoustics and its incorporation in audio signal processing algorithms for solving various problems Real-world measurements depicted in the book demonstrate efficiency and power of the various solutions presented This timely graduate textbook targets courses on Immersive Audio Signal Processing, DSP and Multimedia Processing, and is an invaluable reference for researchers interested in understanding the synergy between acoustics/audio signal processing and psychoacoustics, and how these are melded to solve various hot topics in immersive multichannel audio processing. Read more