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From the Back Cover Fun, Fast & Cheap!? The Latest Access Commands, Database Features, and Web Options ? at Your Fingertips! A Quick Reference for the Rest of Us!? Instant Access! With this unbeatable A-to-Z reference, you can zoom in on any topic ? and get just the information you need to solve a problem or perform an operation. From creating a new field to setting up shared files, you get clear, succinct directions on how to make the most of every Access feature ? immediately! Explains all the latest Access commands and functions Highlights new features like database snapshot capabilities for sharing across workgroups and on the Web Find out how to get your database questions answered via queries and query wizards Deliver winning solutions for storing, organizing, and presenting information that looks great on your screen, on printed forms, or on the Web Spells out how Access can be used with other Office or Microsoft applications Look for Hungry Minds's Access 2000 For Windows? For Dummies?, for even more information on Access. For Dummies? Quick References and For Dummies books are available on all your favorite or not-so-favorite hardware and software products. Look for them wherever computer books are sold! Read more About the Author Alison Barrows has taken the long route to .For Dummies writing, most recently thinking she would have a career in economics. A serious computer user since high school, she found herself irresistibly drawn into technical support, training, and documentation with help from friends who are .For Dummies authors. Since finding herself in a career as a writer, Alison has authored or coauthored seven books for IDG Books including Dummies 101: WordPerfect 8 and Excel 97 Secrets. During her career in technical writing and training, she has designed and written software courses and taught hundreds of computer users how to make computers work for them. In addition to writing books, Alison teaches custom computer courses and writes technical documentation and training material. Alison has a master's degree in Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University and a B.A. from Wellesley College. In real life, she loves to sing, watch Star Trek (the newer versions), cook, and dabble in yoga, rock climbing, and Ultimate Frisbee. She currently lives in Boylston, Massachusetts, with her husband, Matt, and the newest member of the family, their Portuguese Water Dog puppy Jake. Read more