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From the Publisher Working with Inside Photoshop author Gary Bouton and his team of co-conspirators is like trying to stop a runaway train at times. They get momentum and you just can't stop them when it comes time to publish the book. 'You're sending the book to the printer? But we've got two more chapters on advanced issues we want to add. And Adobe's already making dot.X tweaks on this version; we need to cover those. And it would be very cool to expand our discussion of color management, and to cover third-party plug-ins a bit more. Plus, what about 3D? We've barely scratched the surface there... and what if we...' You get the picture. And the thing is, we send Inside Photoshop to the printer and they still keep writing. So who are we to keep all this great, extra stuff away from the Photoshop using public? Inside Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular Photoshop books in the world each time it releases, yet a lot of folks?many of them later adapters of each new rev of Photoshop--still wait for Gary and Co. to come out with the steroid-pumped version of their book. And it's always worth the wait. Read more From the Back Cover Inside Adobe Photoshop 6, Limited Edition has become a cult-favorite in the Photoshop community and the demand for this book continues to increase. This edition of the book has new chapters on advanced techniques, thus increasing its appeal to a growing number in the Photoshop community: seasoned users. This extended edition included bonus chapters on advanced techniques not included in the previous edition. The CD-ROMs include: all exercise files in the book, texture maps, custom photo art, filters, utilities and a graphics glossary compiled by the author. Also included is a complete version of AlienSkin Software's Eye Candy software. Read more See all Editorial Reviews