Book Description

From the Back Cover Handling a network? This one handy book covers all the essentials you need to know! If you're in charge of a network, here's all the basic information you need to get it up and running and keep it, and your users, happy. Neatly divided into self-contained minibooks so you can quickly find what you need, this new edition covers the latest on mobile networking, Windows Server 2012, security, and much more, in one convenient package! Networking 101 ? if you're new to networking, here's an overview of standards, hardware, network operating systems, and other essentials Get started ? create a plan, install the hardware and operating system, configure Windows, and explore VMWare? Administrative tasks ? keep software updated, manage user accounts, and implement solid security Internet access ? learn the ins and outs of TCP/IP Skip the wires ? set up, secure, and troubleshoot a wireless network Smartphone smarts ? safely manage iPhones, iPads, Android phones, BlackBerry devices, and netbooks on your network Serving up servers ? learn about the latest version of Windows Server 2012, IIS Web Server, Exchange Server 2010, and others Love Linux ? all about installing, managing, and configuring Linux for networking Open the book and find: Network protocols and standards How virtualization technologies help manage servers The five most common network bottlenecks All about DHCP and DNS Security tips for wireless networks How to configure VPN access What Active Directory? does for you Basic Linux network configuration 9 books in 1 Networking Basics Building a Network Network Administration and Security TCP/IP and the Internet Wireless Networking Mobile Networking Windows Server? 2012 Reference Using Other Windows Servers Managing Linux Systems Read more About the Author Doug Lowe is an IT director who has been managing corporate networks for more than 20 years. He has written more than 50 books that demystify everything from Microsoft Office to client/server computing to creating web pages. Among them is the perennial bestseller Networking For Dummies. Read more