Book Description

Review This text introduces the computer environment and productivity software applications in Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, and the suite to students and beginners who use either the Microsoft or Mac operating systems. It explains computer concepts, navigating the environment, working with the web, email, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, and database software, with each section including a chapter on advanced skills and projects, and inclusion of the theory and history of how the applications have evolved and how to use them to accomplish multiple tasks. The DVDs contain sample tutorial videos, project files, all images from the text, Excel functions and formulas, and shortcuts. Read more About the Author Theodor Richardson is the Assistant Dean for the College of Business, Online at South University. He earned his Ph.D. in computer science and engineering with a concentration in multimedia and image processing.Charles Thies attended the University of Denver where he received a Masters of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems. He has worked for the Department of Defense in assignments overseas as an information technology professional and is published in the Journal of Information Science Applied Research. He is the Director of Digital Publishing and Information Technology at Books International, Inc. and has taught numerous college courses in computer science. Read more