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Review From the book reviews:?The organization of this collection of papers into six broad topics makes the book easy to read ? . editor has successfully combined the writing of 28 separate authors to deliver a fairly consistent feel. ? The book is topical, and an interesting view of the state of rapid change within the IT industry. ? If you work in the IT industry and want to know where you may be in five years? time, then this is a must read.? (David B. Henderson, Computing Reviews, December, 2014) Read more From the Back Cover IT is currently going through one of its most critical phases of?transformation. IT vendors and IT service organizations are revolutionizing their production and service processes, adopting industrial practices. It is only through the consistent transformation into factory-like structures that quality, effectiveness and efficiency can be increased. By integrating professional concepts and methods taken from the context of industrial production, it is possible to meet functional and qualitative requirements from the departments and therefore from the end user. On top of that?this new paradigm?enables the implementation of optimal processes in the organization. An interdisciplinary team of authors addresses the current challenges for global IT services organizations and describes the process of IT industrialization. The transformation of the IT industry?towards the model of an IT factory is the core theme of this book, which takes the latest findings from applied research, consulting and IT business practices and combines them into a consistent and innovative approach to IT services. Read more See all Editorial Reviews