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Review '...the book is extremely valuable for?experienced?Java or C++ developers who want to jump into GTK# and Mono. If you already have OOP experience with the above said languages, then this book is a must-have.' - OSNews'[This] is an excellent book for Linux developers who want to learn enough .NET to get started. It is an excellent book for Windows programmers who want to get started with .NET on Linux, because it gives details on how to install and configure Mono, and compile and execute programs in a Linux environment.' - .NET Developer's Journal'The writing style is clear and concise with plenty of code examples all of which will compile and run. The examples are well explained and as the book is logically set out, helping those wanting to develop under Mono to get going... Highly recommended.' -Paul F Johnson, CVu - October 2004 Read more About the Author Edd Dumbill is Managing Editor of He also writes free software, and packages Bluetooth-related software for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Edd is the creator of XMLhack and WriteTheWeb, and has a weblog called Behind the Times.Niel M. Bornstein , with over ten years' experience in software development, has worked in diverse areas such as corporate information systems, client-server application development, and web-hosted applications. Clear and engaging, Niel wrote .NET & XML and co-authored Mono: A Developer's Notebook. Read more