Book Description

About the Author Lora D. Delwiche Lora D. Delwiche brings over 16 years of expertise in working with the SAS System to this edition. She is an applications software consultant with Information Technology at the University of California at Davis. Lora shares her valuable skills as a SAS site representative and teaches classes on the SAS language. Her experience in working with users from many different disciplines prompted her to write a book that proves that it can be enjoyable to learn the SAS System! Susan J. Slaughter Susan J. Slaughter, an independent computing consultant, discovered SAS software over 16 years ago in graduate school. Since then, she has used the SAS System in a variety of business and academic settings. Her experience in managing large databases, teaching SAS software classes, and writing about the SAS System inspired her to write a book that is both informative and fun to read! Read more