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From the Back Cover Learn from an instructor-led, classroom experience at home! The Virtual Classroom is a revolutionary new way to learn Dreamweaver--one of the most vital applications to Web site designers. This book's casual, non-technical writing style and easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach combine to teach you all the Web page authoring essentials. Pop in the CD-ROM, and follow along as your own on-screen guru explains and demonstrates the techniques discussed in the text. With Dreamweaver 4 Virtual Classroom, you get the best of both worlds--solid hands-on lessons combined with the invaluable experience of watching and listening to an instructor. Work at your own speed and replay Virtual Classroom tutorials as often as needed to deepen your understanding of this potent Web design tool. Harness Dreamweaver's broad range of Web design and development capabilities Create dynamic Web page content that's cross-browser compatible, including constructing and accommodating layers Set interface preferences, including menus and shortcuts, to create the workspace in which you are most comfortable You choose--create Web pages using a graphic interface or by writing and editing code Manipulate and incorporate all types of images--bitmap and vector--into your Web page Format cells, columns, and rows to form tables for housing and constraining Web page information and enabling easier navigation Edit Web pages quickly and easily by unveiling the secrets of HTML tags and attributes Make your site an informative, helpful destination crafted with an attractive, logical, and functional layout Read more About the Author Robert Fuller (Brooklyn, NY) is a professional Web designer, consultant, and trainer. He works with businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals, helping them to define and develop their presence on the Web. Robert has written several training manuals on HTML, Web Design, and various desktop applications, and was a contributing author ton Que's Special Edition Using PowerPoint 2000. Laurie Ann Ulrich (Philadelphia, PA) entered the computer training industry as a training manager, running corporate training centers for two of the East Coast's largest computer resellers. In 1992, she started her own company, Limehat & Company, Inc., a training and consulting business. Her firm offers training to users of all levels, helping them to use computers and the Internet for business and personal use. Since 1998, her firm has offered Web site design and hosting services to small businesses and non-profit organizations, and is devoted to supporting clients in their use of the web to market and grow their organizations. She is the author or co-author of several computer books. Read more