Book Description Review Expanding on the idea that the best parts of technical books are usually the nuggetized elements--the hints, tips, and sidebars--Joseph Lowery and Andrea Buraglia have written Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips with nothing but such elements. The strategy works, freeing them from having to write--and the reader from having to read through--the largely pointless passages that might otherwise connect useful chunks of knowledge. The strategy also eliminates dwelling on basic subjects with which most readers will already be familiar, as interesting details can be pointed out without the need to drill through obvious stuff first. A typical page of this short but fact-dense book (which is printed entirely in full color--a real advantage for a book so focused on graphic design) contains two tips. They sometimes have to do with design ideas and occasionally deal with elements of HTML, JavaScript, or stylesheet code, but more often concern little-known capabilities or user-interface details of Dreamweaver MX. For example, in a section about aligning text between two flanking images, the authors explain the exact procedure to follow and offer some warnings about how it's possible for the strategy to go awry. More useful to browsers than as a reference, you'll almost certainly expand your knowledge of Dreamweaver MX with this book. --David Wall Topics covered: How to convert your mere competence with Dreamweaver MX into profitable efficiency. Read more From the Back Cover Get the hottest collection of cool tips and hidden secrets for the best results FAST! When it comes to Dreamweaver, time is money. This book is all about speed; showing you how to get more work done faster, while actually increasing quality. The whole concept is to help make you faster and more productive than ever with Dreamweaver. This book is nothing but sidebars, giving you the information you need in its easiest form. Read more See all Editorial Reviews