Book Description

About the Author Mike Wooldridge (Berkeley, California) has worked as an independent Web developer, technology writer, and educator since 1995, and has been using Dreamweaver since version 1.0, and because of its exceptional support for handling large web sites, uses it as his primary tool for maintaining client web sites. He's written about Web technology for various publications, including Macworld, CNET and MacHome Journal. His articles have covered Web design, graphics and multimedia. He is currently teaching classes on HTML for UC Berkeley Extension, having developed a new 'Designing Graphics for the Web' class-which of course covers Dreamweaver-that will start in the spring. In 1998, Mike won an award from Apple Computer for a project built with QuickTime VR, a photographic virtual-reality technology. He is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz's Graduate Program in Science Writing, which trains scientists to write about technical subjects for lay audiences, as well as a degree from UC Berkeley in genetics. Read more