Book Description

About the Author Tyler Keating Tyler Keating is the current head of the SproutCore project, and one of the foremost experts on SproutCore, and on writing native caliber web applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. Although he began his career as an Electrical Engineer at SaskTel, a persistent desire to write software eventually led him to new jobs of writing desktop apps, then server-side web apps, then native mobile apps, and most recently, SproutCore, best of all the world's apps. He currently runs his own consulting company, 7x7 Software Inc, which provides professional software development services, as well as SproutCore training and support. Whether speaking, or writing, Tyler strives to be a compassionate and conscientious source, who recognizes that nothing is ever black or white, but nevertheless tries to clear the shades of grey, and deliver something concrete and usable to every receiver. He lives in Regina, Canada, with his wife and three daughters. Read more