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Review Until now, my websites looked great but have been coded with what seems like 'duct-tape and bubble-gum' methods, just for appearances and not for professionalism nor compliance. This book taught me all [that is] possible with simple HTML5 and CSS3 coding... What a game changer! Read more About the Author Zak Ruvalcaba has been researching, designing, and developing for the web since 1995. As a full-time web developer, he's developed web applications for companies like Gateway, HP, Toshiba, IBM, Intuit, Peachtree, Dell, and Microsoft. As a full-time instructor, he's headed up the Front-End Web Developer Certificate Program in the San Diego Community College District, where he's responsible for running the program and developing the curriculum.His development and teaching skills have come together in the technical books he's written in the past 15 years. When he discovered Murach Books, he became sold on their distinctive paired-pages style and has done all his latest books for them: a Dreamweaver CC book (the 6th edition of his original Dreamweaver title in 2001); an HTML5 and CSS3 book (the 3rd edition); and a jQuery book (the 2nd edition). He's a busy guy!Anne Boehm has over 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, and programmer with Murach Books. Through the years, she has worked on many of Murach's best books. On this book, she brought her incredible talents to team up with Zak and make a best-selling HTML5 book. Now in its third edition this is the book to get if you need to learn HTML5. Read more