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From the Author Many people have asked me why an ornithologist would write an RV cookbook. What does RV cooking have to do with birds? Well, quite a lot really. My introduction to recreational vehicles began when searching for a functional and economical solution to living in the field. Field research often requires a biologist to stay weeks or months in remote areas, where motels and restaurants are just not feasible. Also fieldwork is hard work, and it is all important that one eats healthfully. Consequently, I became a RV-owner and a RV-cook. This book includes many of my favorite recipes and most useful tips for cooking on the road. Read more From the Back Cover Throw away those frozen dinners and microwave popcorn; steer clear of fast food restaurants; and leave the chemical-laced convenience foods on the grocery store shelf. Preparing delicious and healthy food on the road has never been so simple. ? The Healthy RVers Cookbook: Good Food on the Go includes 130 easy-to-prepare recipes for salads, main courses, snacks, and more; there's even a special section for your canine companions. Each recipe has been carefully designed for the traveling cook, and tested on the road in the author's own RV kitchen. Unlike other so-called RV cookbooks, The Healthy RVers Cookbook features: * no electricity needed; cook in campgrounds, parking lots, and rest stops * no exotic ingredients, such as Portobello mushrooms or canned anchovies * tips for stocking your pantry and your RV kitchen cupboards * tricks for saving time and space, and handling your foods safely * easy and healthy alternatives to the foods we love but shouldn't eat * vegetarian, lower-fat, and other guilt-free choices * humorous real-life anecdotes about cooking on the road So grab your favorite saucepan and an extra pack of bungee cords, and get rollin' with Good Food on the Go! Read more See all Editorial Reviews